Sheet extrusion line

APET, PETG, CPET monolayer and multilayer co-extrusion sheet production line

At present domestic most advanced, the craft is the most mature technology, one of the most stable sheet production line equipment, compared with domestic similar equipment, high comprehensive efficiency more than 30%, the production line at the same time also can be used in the production of PS, PP, PE and other sheet metal products.

PETG sheet

PETG, commonly known as the low temperature of PET products with high gloss, high transparent, has excellent barrier property, since the viscosity of new environmental protection packaging materials. Can be used to glue, high frequency processing.

CPET sheet

CPET is a kind of modified PET, has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, usually used in the microwave baking tray, etc.

PET stereo grating

Is widely used in cosmetics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, packaging and general merchandise such as three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting packaging and stationery, pendant, ads, posters, all kinds of CARDS, elevator, etc.

PLA sheet

PLA is a biodegradable poly (lactic acid) resin and can be used for fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked food and baked goods rigid package, also can be used for sandwiches, cookies and flowers, etc. The packaging of goods.

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